Friday, January 4, 2013

Shut Down An iPhone App Without Rebooting

One thing that gets me annoyed now and then is when the Sirius app gets stuck and refuses to start playing Howard Stern. With the multitasking capabilities of the phone, there's no explicit way to restart an app since, by pressing the home button, you only get to push the app into the background. So most of us have had to resort to rebooting the phone to force an app to quit.

Not any more.

There's a simple way to shutdown a phone that's not documented but which does the trick. And having done it today when, again, the Sirius app got stuck and wouldn't play anything, I'll share the trick with you.

1. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button (on top of your phone) for several seconds, until the screen pops up to let you power off the phone. DON'T POWER OFF!

2. Let go of the Sleep/Wake button and press and hold the Home button for several more seconds.

3. The screen will flash and drop you back to the application icons screen.

At this point your app is now shut down!