Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fisher Price Is Awesome!

For Xmas this past year, my wife and I gave our daughter a Fisher Price Kid Tough See Yourself camera, which she absolutely LOVES to death.


By March of this year she had accumulated hundreds of photos and videos. And when it was warm enough to go outside she started taking pictures of bees, flowers, anything out in the front or back yard.

A budding photographer!

Then, in May or June, the speaker started to sound bad. The camera will take video and play it back. And when she would listen to anything it gradually started sounding like paper ripping. But copied onto the computer everything sounded fine.

So in June I contacted Fisher Price customer support to see if we could send it in to be fixed or replace it with a refurbished camera. But Fisher Price did us one better.

They sent Rachel a brand new camera as a replacement!

It arrived yesterday (in a box that was made for packaging Twilight embarrassing!) and you should have seen her face light up when she saw her new camera! She was so thrilled to have it she went right to taking pictures and videos again!

Thank you Fisher Price! You made my little Princess the happiest girl in the world!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Linux Kernel Development...

As a long time user of Linux, I've set the goal for myself of contributing to the Linux kernel by the end of the calendar year (2012). And I've been reading up on the subject, both the kernel internals as well as the details of the POSIX interface.

But now it's time to actually get started on it.

So I've created my own repo for kernel development, and am starting to pour over the bug reports for the kernel. I want to start off with fixing some of the easier bugs to get some experience with the code.

Any suggestions on what areas are good for getting started?