Monday, March 19, 2012

Lightning And Sneakers

Right now we have a thunderstorm passing over our part of North Carolina. There was the darkening of the skies this morning, and then the calm and quiet as the air pressure dropped and the birds all took to the trees and rooftops.

Then the rain started. Followed by sporadic lightning flashes.

I'm sitting at my home desk working and chatting with coworkers. One of my daughter's sneakers is sitting on the floor next to me. It's a pair of Sketchers that lights up when she walks (or runs, or hops, or dances, or walks around like a cat). It was just on the edge of my peripheral vision.

A flash of lighting outside of the window, not a bolt, just a flash. And the shoe immediately started flashing. There was no shaking of the floor. No motion on my part at all. I assume that the magnetic field created by the current in motion was just strong enough to trigger the lights in her shoes.

Science. It's an awesome skill.